Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Even more lovely pictures

Another lovely picture arrived by email from St. Oliver's today, a monkey,a tiger and a lion

Here is a friend I made last weekend.  His name is Justice, he knows everything about all the animals, plants and flowers in Africa.  He's cool, he drives a big jeep every day.

Here is some more information on Mount Kilimanjaro:

All the animals in the park depend on it for survival, so we must take care of it.


  1. Thank you for putting up our photo of our animal masks Oliver. All the facts you have given us about Kilimanjaro are very interesting, and opening our eyes to the world outside St. Oliver's garden!
    We will be busy practising our drama today. We will be pretending to be different animals. Our masks will come in handy!
    It is a sunny day here in St, Oliver's School. What's weather like with you, Oliver?

  2. Hi to Justice from everyone here in St. Oliver's!
    Thank you very much for driving Oliver and Dominic to so many interesting places. We love receiving all of your photos! Mary, Principal