Wednesday, 28 May 2014

What animal is this ?

I'm really looking forward to St. Oliver's drama production when I get back. 

What do you think this animal is hiding his head behind the bush ?

Maybe you can draw a picture of this "naughty boy", he was a little bold and always causing trouble

Looking forward to seeing your drawings... keep them coming

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  1. Hi Oliver,
    Looks like you having a super adventure! This week we started a story called “Walking through the Jungle”, it is very exciting to see all the new jungle animals but some of them are very big and scary! Our favourite animal sound is ROARRRR, have you seen any lions yet? Be careful Oliver that elephant looks hungry, he might eat you for his tea!! We are going to do some art tomorrow and we promise to send you a picture of our lovely work.
    From everyone in Marieta’s Classroom